• 8. 2. 2019

Hardware delivery and support

Document scanners
scanservice is the authorized distributor of premium KODAKdocument scanners (Kodak Alaris Inc.) in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.The scanners can be purchased through our wide partner network. scanservice offers a complete portfolio, from basic models, desktop scanners to high-performance production scanners. scanservice uses KODAK scanners for implementing own digitization projects, and draws on own experience to help the client choose the most fitting scanner model to meet their requirements and to satisfy the given document structure and volume. scanserviceis the authorized service centrefor KODAK scanners in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Scanning software

The supplied scanners include the basic scanning application KODAK Capture Pro Limited Edition for basic scanning tasks. The full version of KODAK Capture Pro can be used to scan more complex jobs and other subsequent image adjustments, including smart editing, OCR, indexing, and so on. Scanning can also be done by other applications, using the standard TWAIN drivers, ISIS, etc. More about KODAK Capture Pro

Book scanners
scanservice represents the Swiss book scanner manufacturer 4DigitalBooks. These high quality devices are designed for demanding clients.scanservice has its own team of trained technicians who provide technical support and basic service. We also supply original replacement parts from the manufacturer. To give our clients the opportunity to see and test the scanners in operation prior to making a purchase, we have installed the Dl mini scanner in our showroom.  More about it

Digitizing software

The Page Improver software, specifically designed for scanning book volumes, is recommended for the processing of scanned images. The addition of our proprietary Scan4Book software then makes it possible to offer a complete solution for book digitization. More about it




DL mini

Automatic book scanner with manual mode for scanning formats up to 2xA3 with output resolution up to 600dpi. It is available in two versions, depending on the type of camera used – Dl mini I or DL mini C.


Semi-automatic book scanner for gentle scanning of the “V” shape opening of the original is the fastest scanner in its class (up to 800 pages per hour) at resolutions of 300, 400, 600 and 800dpi, depending on the camera type up to 2xA3+ format, the Jumbo configuration allows scanning up to
2xA2+ format at resolution 600dpi.

SW service and support

Given rapid IT advancement and growth, continuous development and upgrades of software applications are crucial to their flawless functionality. This may involve improvement of the application’s functionality as well as extended functionality required by new operating systems and other changes. This is why scanservice, as part of their software service, provides software application updates for all supported software products.When necessary, the client’s requests are addressed by scanservice staff in cooperation with the software manufacturer’s own programmers. As a result of long-time cooperation, scanservice staff has been authorized to support specific software products. Many solutions and suggestions by scanservice IT department staff have been included in the actual development of production software. Operational reasons often call for the need to update the installed software with additional functions, features, extended functionality, etc. scanserviceprovides full support in these cases, starting with case study through technical project draft, right to the complete development of a custom-made software application.


scanservice will design optimal software solutions tailored to client’s specific requirements. The design includes selection and recommendation of the most suitable software, operational procedures and software setup. We can also suggest potential program adjustments to customize the final solution to not only fulfill the current needs of the client but to also allow for further future development.

Software development services

Our team of experienced software engineers guarantees top-quality support for all supported applications. In addition to special modules and programs allowing the integration of digitization applications with information systems and client’s infrastructure, our software engineers developed a full range of their own applications. These can be used for scanning, searching through image archives, etc.


Once the installation is completed, we train the client’s operational staff for actual work, as well as individual activities using the installed applications. The extent and focus of training is agreed upon with the client in advance. They correspond to specific client’s needs and take into account the expertise of specific staff members who will perform individual operational activities.

It primarily involves:

  • System Administrator training
  • IT and Application SW Administrator training
  • Operator training (scanning, indexing, and/or other activities)
  • Application SW Operator training

Software provided by manufacturer including maintenance:

scanservice provides SW support and maintenance on the manufacturer’s behalf for the following:

  • failure solutions
  • functional tasks backup
  • consultation during new task development and system setup
  • system development
Complete warranty and post-warrantyscanner service

In the current demanding IT environment, our primary task is to ensure top-quality, reliable and secure service for installed devices. scanservice is the authorized and certified Service Centre for various brands of document scanners for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
This authorization gives us the responsibility to follow strict rules outlined by the manufacturers. These include response times to service calls, the number of service technicians related to the number of installed devices, their in-depth training, as well as an inventory of consumables for the installed equipment.
We maintain thorough and detailed service call records and these are available upon request.

DICOM transferred all On-site PlusPac service contracts for the Czech Republic and Slovakia to scanservice in March 2014.
scanservice will also continue to provide On-site service support for newly purchased scanners from DICOM.

Other scanners

scanservice can supply top-of-the line large format Contex scanners capable of scanning originals up to 1524 millimeters.
scanservice can supply laser scanners designated for reverse engineering, design creation and 3D check. Fast, accurate and portable.
scanservice can supply Kodak Alaris photo scanners capable of scanning originals up to 216 x 863 millimeters in size.

Other scanners (large format, photo and microfiche scanners)

Whatever the original, beit large format documents, photographs or microfiche, scanservice has the right solution for your scanning needs. Our experienced staff and premium equipment will ensure that your scanning project meets all your expectations.

Complete delivery

As part ofcomplete solution delivery, and in addition tothe entire portfolio ofKodakdocument scannersand 4Digitalbooks bookscanners, scanservice can also supply top-of-the linelarge formatContexscannersandImageLink microfiche scanners. Please contact usformore information.

Quality is our priority

Every individual project starts with careful planning so that we can establish its special requirements and maintain a high degree of accuracy throughout. Even the most challenging originals present no obstacle for our experienced staff.

scanservice supplies comprehensive technologies for digitization of documents, books and other special formats and offers a wide range of hardware and software products, including the assurance of subsequent project sustainability.

Our associates draw on their longtime experience with digitization projects. Based on a case study analysis, scanservice will select the optimal solution, set the processes, provide the necessary hardware and software and complete the installation, or alternatively utilize third party software, train the service personnel and last but not least, will continue to provide professional support and development of solutions under the agreed SLA parameters.