• 10. 2. 2019

IBM® Datacap helps to streamline scanning, recognition and classification of business documents and extract important information. IBM® Datacap supports multiple-channel capture by processing paper documents on scanners, mobile devices, multi-function peripherals and fax. It uses natural language processing, text analytics and machine learning technologies, to automatically identify, classify and extract content from semi-structured or unstructured documents. The software can reduce labor and paper costs, deliver meaningful information and support faster processing of scanned documents.

Basic description
  • Modular and stable 3-layer client / server platform for digitizing and capturing data from various types of documents, a very stable system for robust solutions
  • Supports multilingual environment
  • Client types – thick client (installed on workstation), thin client (accessible from internet browser), client types can also be combined
  • Allows a wide range of application settings to meet client needs
  • The license policy is determined by the nature of the order and it favors the client (number of users, infrastructure HW parameters, or possibly the number of pages)
  • SOA Integration – Service Oriented Architecture
  • Sustainable Software Development (quarterly Service Packs release)
  • Data capture from structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents
  • Clear document type classification, image enhancement, text recognition, capture of required data, automatic validation, manual check capability, export of outputs, integrated option for data anonymization
  • Recognition of machine print (OCR), hand print (ICR), check box data or tinted fields (OMR) and barcodes (1D and 2D)
  • Document analysis by understanding content and context
  • Export not only to document management systems
  • Improving data capture accuracy – db search, checksums and other validations