ScanCollector belongs to our own group of solutions. These applications were designed by our developers and they contribute to more efficient, faster and more secure document processing.

ScanCollector is our own application for automated processing of email attachments and it is available as an option for our invoice digitization service or as service delivery.

An integral part of digital transformation is scanning paper documents and obtaining important information.

Key benefits
  • Less manual labor while receiving documents
  • Eliminate operator error and reduce costs
  • Document forwarded for processing immediately after collection
  • The entire process can be audited
ScanCollector provides:
  • Email download from predefined email folders
  • Approved recipient filter, attachment check for client predefined format type
  • Sender notification about discrepancies in predefined settings and other user defined notifications
  • Document forwarding (attachments) with optional conversion to required format for further processing
  • Body of email saved as document attachment