Automate the processing of documents received via email

Most documents are currently being delivered in two forms – paper or email. And due to the increasing demand for electronic document circulation, more and more corporations are scanning incoming paper documents prior to further processing.

How to process documents sent as email attachment?

The solution is ScanCollector – proprietary software developed by scanservice, capable of processing any email correspondence and transforming it into the desired output.

Scan Collector is available as an option for our Invoice capture service or as a complete solution.


A Email delivery

ScanCollector reads delivered email in predefined folder. Message remains on server for future use as required by the client.

B Predefined rules check and classification

Allows the client to set a custom set of rules, who to accept correspondence from, what is the accepted content and what to reply. If required, custom categories can be created, such as transactional units, document type and others.

C Output setup

The final output can be a PDF document enriched by xml with metadata and other formats that can be used for subsequent processing. That can be its input into the accounting system, or further processing to capture desired metadata.

Who is ScanCollector for?

All corporations interested in automated document delivery via email for further processing.

ScanCollector guarantees:

  • Email download from predefined email folders
  • Approved recipient filter, attachment check for client predefined format type
  • Sender notification about discrepancies in predefined settings and other user defined notifications
  • Document forwarding (attachments) with optional conversion to required format for further processing
  • Body of email saved as document attachment

Main benefits

  • Less manual labor while collecting documents resulting in lower costs
  • Operator error causing document deletion is eliminated
  • Document forwarded for processing immediately after collection
  • The entire process can be audited