ScanBus – document digitization process management system.

It allows to create custom modules with custom functionality to fulfill the order requirements. It works in service mode and automatically performs required functionality to eliminate human intervention. The most common operations are conversions of various file formats, database communications, third party API links, and more.

The product is designed to allow for more open development and is capable to better meet client requirements for functionality or performance against security settings. ScanBus can work as a desktop program or a service. It easily integrates with our ScanLog monitoring application.

ScanBus is developed for the Microsoft Windows platform, both for server and desktop

Main benefits

  • Automation of routine operations that do not require human intervention
  • Modular concept that allows to build a new workflow effectively
  • Simple implementation of custom features

Who is ScanBus for?

For all corporations interested in automated management of the document digitization process.