Johnson & Johnson

Scanning and invoice processing

scanservice a.s. a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) partner for scanning transactional documents, data extraction and their transfer to the SAP system, was selected in a 2006 tender for the International Global Financial Services Center in Prague – Johnson & Johnson Global Business Services Ltd. (JNJ GBS). Transactional documents included invoices and related documents (payment reminder, delivery note, account statement etc) The JNJ GBS Financial Center with more than 300 staff members processes documents for EMEA and North America. The Center provides services in 33 languages.

scanservice, even during the demanding tender demonstrated it was a reliable business partner, capable of meeting the high demands for quality, flexibility and security. The digitization centre staff (JNJ Bureau) are knowledgeable about transactional documentation and accounting and are multilingual. More than 1 million documents per year, in more than 20 languages, are currently being processed. scanservice undergoes statutory audits as required by JNJ GBS. …

Czech Statistical Office

2011 POPULATION and HOUSING CENSUS of the Czech Republic

Population and housing census is traditionally one of the most extensive statistical surveys globally. It collects valuable information that cannot be otherwise effectively obtained. The last census in the Czech Republic was held in the spring of 2011, with the decisive moment being midnight of March 25 2011.

The census was organized by the Czech Statistical Office.  scanservice participated as a supplier of IS scanning (including preparation, scanning, data extraction and validation) for the GSIT project – General supply of information technologies, under the direction of Hewlett Packard. Work on delivery of IS scanning was carried out from June 2010 to September 2011. …

Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic


As in other EU countries, the Slovak Republic Population and Housing census was conducted in 2011. It was one of the largest and most demanding statistical projects and provided a vast amount of valuable data that could not be otherwise collected. High quality extracted data was the key criterion for the Statistical Office. The data would be used on the national and international levels for at least 10 years. The census project already started in 2010, with the decisive moment being midnight of May 25 2011.

The census was organized by the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic. With IBM as the principal provider of IT services, scanservice was one of the main subcontractors for the entire solution.   …

Slovak Post

Implementation of solution for the processing of payment documents

The increasing demands on manual processing of payment documents and an attempt to streamline the entire workflow, led the Slovak Post in 2001 to proceed with the selection of an automated system. A widely focused survey was conducted in order to select a modern and viable solution that uses current technologies and replaces manual processing.

After the selection of possible solutions and the completion of validation tests, a solution offered by scanservice was selected. It is a generic document portal, in this case with a powerful tool – eFlow Integra, designed for the processing of structured documents. scanservice set up the system for the processing of payment documents of the Slovak post and finalized the system according to the customer’s needs using its own software products. High-performance KODAK production scanners were selected for the scanning, as they guarantee a long-term seamless operation and in particular, very high quality of scanned images. …

Czech Bar Association

Processing the voting results into the body of the Czech Bar Association

scanservice, as a subcontractor of Konica Minolta, participated in the “Processing voting results into the body of the Czech Bar Association” project.

The aim of the project was to process ballots cast in the election taking place during the 6th assembly of the Czech Bar Association in October 2013. The expected number of ballots to be processed before the vote was 10,000. …


Processing of petition forms for the Czech Republic presidential election in 2013

scanservice, a subcontractor of Hewlett Packard, provided processing of the petition forms for the Czech Republic presidential election in 2013.

The project was subject to strict security requirements, with the preparation phase and actual processing being time sensitive.   …

Citi Bank

Business Process Outsourcing

Citi financial group is one of the largest global financial institutions. It was founded as City Bank of New York in 1812 and by 1895 it became one of the largest banks in the U.S. Citigroup Inc. operates in more than 160 countries around the world, employs almost 300 000 people and provides banking, credit, investment and other services to more than 200 million private and corporate clients. Citi has offered its service in the Czech Republic since 1991 as a branch of Citibank Europe plc.

The cooperation between citibank and scanservice began in the spring of 2008, when the bank decided to outsource the processing of credit card applications. A separate “citi” department was created at scanservice headquarters to meet strict security measures for processing applications. scanservice took over the entire business process outsourcing including communication with the bank’s branches. …

Český Slavík Mattoni

Processing votes for Český Slavík Mattoni

Since 2001, scanservice has regularly participated in processing the results of the most popular reader’s survey Český slavík Mattoni, organized by Musica Bohemica.

ČESKÝ SLAVÍK MATTONI ( is a reader’s survey for the most popular male and female singers and music bands. Every year, the event attracts considerable attention from fans, readers, listeners, viewers, as well as singers, managers and music industry personalities. The announcement of the survey’s results is traditionally among the most watched television shows of the year. …

Stavební spořitelna České spořitelny (SSČS)

Implementation of solution for the Central Mail Register project

Stavební spořitelna České spořitelny (The Building Society of the Czech Savings Bank) is a reputable bank offering building savings and mortgages. scanservice has cooperated with Česká spořitelna in the past, on the Digitization of Corporate Banking Contracts archive and the Digitization of the Business Case archives through outsourcing projects.

scanservice offers effective OCR/ICR/OMR solutions using the eFlow Integra and eFlow Freedom systems from Israel-based Top Image Systems. …

Bauer Media v.o.s.

Magazine archive digitization

scanservice was selected by BAUER MEDIA, v.o.s., for the project “Magazine archive digitization” – the predecessor of the current Týdeník Televize (TV Guide), to convert the archives of paper photographs, magazine covers, slides and photo negatives into a digital format. BAUER MEDIA, v.o.s., publishes 30 magazines and specials and it is currently the largest magazine publisher in the Czech Republic.

The digitization process was carried out at our offices from October 13 to December 2014.  We processed nearly 340,000 different types of image originals (photos, slides, negatives) and paper documents (programs, invitations, postcards, envelopes, magazines and movie set photos). …

Karlovy Vary

The Building Authority archive digitization for the Municipality of Karlovy Vary

The Municipality of Karlovy Vary implemented the “Procurement of the transmission of data and information within the territory of the statutory city of Karlovy Vary” project, Reg. No. CZ.1.06/2.1.00/09.07390, financed under the Integrated Operational Programme, from August 2012 to September 2013.

The project’s main objective was not only to make the archive electronically accessible to the general public and to facilitate acquisition of building permit materials, but also to deliver documents for registration of the historical part of the city of Karlovy Vary into the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites. …

Building Authority Archive

The Building Authority Archive digitization for the Municipality of Prague 2

In January 2010, scanservice was selected under a public contract to be the supplier of the Building Authority Archive digitization for the Municipality of Prague 2. Digitization was performed at the customer’s premises to minimize the risk of loss or damage to the documents. The project’s main objective was to make the archive electronically accessible to the general public and to facilitate acquisition of building permit reference materials.

Digitization of newly created documents was carried out simultaneously while processing the archive. The text part of the documents, all of varying age, quality, formats, weight and media, were processed on Kodak i1420 document scanners with an A3 flat bed accessory while all drawings on large format Contex HD5450 scanner. The Kodak Capture Pro application was used for scanning and indexing. …

Jewish Museum in Prague

The Jewish Museum in Prague archive digitization

The Jewish Museum in Prague manages the library and archival collections related to Judaism, Jews and their history in Bohemia and Moravia.

The Jewish Museum Prague archive digitization was implemented in 2010. The archive contained paper documents, negatives and photographs. In light of their high historical value, it was paramount to ensure the most gentle handling and processing.  …

Moravian-Silesian Region

Library collection digitization for memory institutions of the Moravian-Silesian Region

In 2012, the Moravian-Silesian Region tendered a public contract to digitize library collections for memory institutions of the region. This was done with the financial support of the European Union and the European Regional Development Fund through the Integrated Operational programme in the “e-Government of the Moravian-Silesian Region” project, Reg. No. CZ.1.06/2.1.00/08.07383. The aim of the project was digitization of the historical library collections related to the Moravian-Silesian Region.

Following a public tender, the Regional Office of the Moravian-Silesian Region, in cooperation with Moravian-Silesian scientific library selected Konica Minolta Business Solutions Czech and its subcontractor scanservice as the service providers. …

Central Bohemian Region

Library collections and document digitization for the Central Bohemian Region

The Central Bohemian Region listed a public procurement “Digitization and storage” to digitize library collections and the documentation of regional institutions with financial support of the European Union and the European regional development fund through the integrated operational programme under the “Development of e-Government in the Central Bohemian Region” project, Reg. No. CZ.1.06/2.1.00/08.07144.

Following a public tender, the Central Bohemian Regional Authority, in cooperation with the Central Bohemian Scientific Library in Kladno selected Konica Minolta Business Solutions Czech and its subcontractor scanservice as the service providers. …

Public Information Library Services (VISK)

Digitization of book collections

n 2013 and 2014, scanservice participated in the digitization of book collections (journals and monographs, including large-scale military drawing inserts and various types of image attachments) under the Ministry of Culture’s national programme Library Public Information Services (VISK), particularly in the sub-programme No. 7 (VISK) 7 – National Programme for the protection and digitization of documents threatened with degradation of acidic paper – Kramerius.

The basic objective of the VISK 7 – Kramerius programme, is in keeping with the concept of development of libraries in the Czech Republic, to preserve and grant access to Bohemical documents from book collections printed on acidic paper and whose existence is threatened by the decay (embrittlement) of the paper carrier. Poor physical condition of older newspapers and magazines severely limits the use of this part of the national cultural wealth and impairs the possibility to preserve such damaged documents for the future. …

Ústecký Kraj

The technological centre of the Ústí nad Labem Region

In 2014, the Ústí nad Labem Region implemented the “Development of e-Government services in the Ústí Region I, II, III, IV and VI” project, Reg. No. CZ.1.06/2 Jan.00/08.07230, funded under the Integrated Operational Programme (IOP).

The main objectives of the project were to create a Technology Centre, to strengthen the infrastructure of the Ústí nad Labem Region for secure processing, storage and transmission of data, to streamline and optimize internal and external processes as well as the transparency and modernization of public administration. The project consisted of two major parts, the Public Administration Digital Map (DMVS) and the Technological Centre of the Ústí nad Labem Region (TCÚK). …

The National Property Fund of the Slovak Republic

Digitization of privatization projects for

The principal function of The National Property Fund of the Slovak Republic is the transfer of state assets designated for privatization to non-governmental organizations. More than 2000 privatization projects are stored in their archives.

In the fall of 2013, scanservice secured the tender for digitization of stored privatization projects. Between 11/2013 and 10/2014, in cooperation with its subcontractors, scanservice not only implemented the contract but also built a data centre. …

Středočeský kraj

Digitalizace knižního fondu a dokumentů institucí Středočeského kraje

Středočeský kraj vypsal veřejnou zakázku „Digitalizace a ukládání“ na digitalizaci knižního fondu a dokumentů krajských institucí za finanční podpory Evropské unie, Evropského fondu pro regionální rozvoj prostřednictvím Integrovaného operačního programu v rámci projektu „Rozvoj e-Governmentu ve Středočeském kraji“ reg. č. CZ.1.06/2.1.00/08.07144.

Na základě veřejné soutěže byla jako dodavatel vybrána Krajským úřadem Středočeského kraje ve spolupráci se Středočeskou vědeckou knihovnou v Kladně společnost Konica Minolta Business Solutions Czech, spol. s r.o., společně se svým subdodavatelem společností scanservice a.s.


Implementation of solutions for the capture of incoming documents

Wüstenrot has operated in the Czech market since 1993. Today it is an important financial group with an extensive trade network of financial advisors. In 2011 and 2012, it was named The Building and Loan Association of the Year. scanservice has worked previously with Wüstenrot on implementing the Digitization project for contractual documentation.

In 2011, scanservice delivered complete hardware and OCR solutions for the digitization of incoming documents for all Wüstenrot’s individual subjects. This project included processing approximately 150 different types of documents.   …

KDJ Vysočina

Book scanner delivery for RDU of the Vysocina Region

In early 2012, scanservice participated in the delivery for public procurement of the Vysočina region “Digitization and storage” Reg. No. CZ.1.06/2.1.00/08.07161, under the Integrated Operational Programme (IOP). As part of the contract for the Regional Digitization Unit acquisition (RDU), was the delivery of a large-capacity robotic book scanner DL-mini-c, scanning software HMI and Page Improver software for processing and editing images to Havlíčkův Brod by Swiss manufacturer 4DigitalBooks. The scanner implementation included training the region’s staff by 4DigitalBooks technicians and delivery of technical and user documentation.

Basic technical parameters of supplied book scanner included: …