Since 1998, we have been providing document digitization services to leading Czech and foreign companies. Whether implementing a complete customized solution or outsourcing, our experience is a guarantee of your success. Because we work tirelessly to focus on what’s really important to you. We will show you solutions that will make the chaos in documents and data just a distant memory.

We keep up with the times and invest in new technologies and human potential. The result is a team of experts who will be happy to explain why the implementation of Digital Transformation (DX), Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence in document processing can increase efficiency and quality of services provided and reduce costs in your business.

Basic information

The company is registered with the Commercial Register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section (B), Insert No.: 11425. The logo and the name scanservice are registered trademarks of scanservice, a.s.

Date of Registration: 24th February 1998
Business Name: scanservice, a.s.
Registered Office: Náchodská 2397/23, 193 00 Praha 9
Company ID number: 25648101
Company ID number: Joint-stock company
Registered capital: CZK 2 000 000 (Paid in full)


Scope of business activity:

  • Production, installation, repair of electric machines and devices, electronic and telecommunication equipment
  • Activity of accounting consultants, bookkeeping services, tax record services
  • Production, trade and services other than those listed in Annexes 1 to 3 of the Trade Licensing Act


The company’s Board of Directors publishes the decision of the General Meeting of the company to convert the form of shares to registered: The form of all the company’s shares No. 01 to 20 changes from the existing physical bearer shares tothe new registered bearer shares form. All company shares are registered bearer bonds. Article 7 (1) “Company shares” of the company’s Articles of Association is amended so that Article 7 (1) reads as follows: The capital stock is divided into 20 (twenty) pieces of commonbearer shares issued as registeredbonds with the nominal value of each share CZK 100 000 (one hundred thousand Czech crowns). One (1) vote is linked to one share with a nominal value of one hundred thousand Czech crowns (CZK 100 000). The total number of votes in the company is twenty (20). The shares are freely transferable among the shareholders of the company. Transfer of shares to another person is possible only with the approval of the Board of Directors.

The company hereby notifies the shareholders of the period within which the shareholder is obliged to surrender the shares to the company: This period shall be two months from the date of the Commercial Bulletin publication of the announcement of the decision of the General Meeting of the company to convert the shares to registered.