b6891840f2c12836d3bad5f9c476a64d_194_147_nweFLOW™ from Top Image Systems provides a comprehensive view of document based business processes and provides a uniform and robust platform for their intelligent processing. Integrated and modular eFLOW architecture is flexible and responds well to changing user needs. This is why eFLOW changes the view of the ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and DMS (Document Management System) market solutions.

eFLOW is a comprehensive solution for collecting information from various sources (paper, e-mail, data box, mobile phone) and their subsequent processing (sorting, indexing, validation), through to their delivery to the ERP, CRM and other systems. It includes connectors for all major systems, be it SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, JD Edwards and others. The built in technologies (.NET) permit the development of a connector for any other system.

eFlow is a SW tool for processing structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents
Solutions based on the eFLOW platform:

eFLOW Digital Mailroom (DMR) – eFLOW Digital Mailroom (DMR) – the management of many types of communication channels is a complex, time-consuming and expensive task for any organization. Customer letters, invoices, resumes, contracts and other documents are received by the enterprise via e-mail, data box, and regular mail or through the web… DMR provides an automated solution for their collection, sorting, classification (invoice, address change request, new customer form) and subsequent transfer to the selected system for processing a specific agenda.

eFLOW Invoice – solution that automates data capture from incoming invoices, facilitates validation against orders, delivery notes or other data sources, allows for introduction of approval workflow, and subsequently feeds the data into the accounting system.

eFLOW Invoice for SAP – solution that was developed based on extensive experience with the deployment of robust systems for processing transactional documents in complex SAP environments. It is an integrated solution for automated parking, approval and posting of invoices and any other document within SAP.

eFLOW Forms – system that provides effective automated data capture from printed and hand-filled forms. The data is captured, verified for accuracy and validity and fed into appropriate business information systems.

eFLOW Mobile Capture – special application for mobile phone “scanning” that guarantees a quality image usable for further processing and data capture on the go.