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scanservice is the authorized distributor of premium KODAK document scanners (Kodak Alaris Inc.) in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


The scanners can be purchased through our wide partner network. scanservice offers a complete portfolio, from basic models, desktop scanners to high-performance production scanners. scanservice uses KODAK scanners for implementing own digitization projects, and draws on own experience to help the client choose the most fitting scanner model to meet their requirements and to satisfy the given document structure and volume. scanservice is the authorized service centrefor KODAK scanners in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Scanning software

The supplied scanners include the basic scanning application KODAK Capture Pro Limited Edition for basic scanning tasks. The full version of KODAK Capture Pro can be used to scan more complex jobs and other subsequent image adjustments, including smart editing, OCR, indexing, and so on. Scanning can also be done by other applications, using the standard TWAIN drivers, ISIS, etc. More about KODAK Capture Pro