Automated Purchase2Pay process

Processing supplier invoices is one of the basic internal processes for most companies. Our services help simplify and streamline the entire process. With our individual approach, we are able to extend our standard service by other activities or to customize it to suit our clients’ requirements.

We understand your needs and provide the right solutions. We offer a complete digitization and invoice capture process as a service, without the need for client intervention during processing. The entire processing is handled by our qualified operators under strict security measures.

If you prefer in-house invoice processing, we can deliver the right solution to suit your needs.

Who is the service for?

  • Medium to large corporations
  • Shared service centres
  • Public institutions
  • For annual volume of processed invoices greater than 10K.

The service includes:

  • Collection of paper documents or scanned invoices
  • Paper documents are processed and scanned
  • Standard service includes capture of 21 basic invoice fields
  • Individual service is tailored to the client’s needs
  • Captured data delivered in ISDOC, images in PDF
  • Monitoring and reporting


A Input

  • Email with automated reading option
  • Paper documents
  • Transfer via sFTP

If needed, a document scanner or all-in-one scanning equipment will be installed, including automated document export for further processing.

B Processing and data check

  • Document image is optimized
  • Data capture via various OCR engines
  • Captured data checked by operator

C Delivery

  • Output corresponding to ISDOC (Information System Document) standard
  • Processed documents delivered to ERP systems (SAP, MS Dynamics, Helios etc.) in preferred format (xml, cvs)
  • Delivery via client’s FTP or scanservice FTP servers

Main benefits

  • We’ll set the stage for working with electronic invoices (the approval process will be greatly accelerated)
  • Allocate saved resources to your core business
  • We’ll help you introduce clear and transparent rules
  • We’ll lower your invoice processing costs
  • We guarantee the output quality and processing times

Digitization and Invoice capture as a service

STANDARD service Basic parameters
  • Document collection via email or sFTP server
  • Capture of 21 data fields*
  • Capture of tax recap
  • Crosscheck with supplier master data
  • Format and data type check
  • Export in ISDOC XML or CVS formats
  • Data accuracy min. 99 %
  • Invoice processing in Czech / Slovak / English and German
  • Continuous monitoring of invoice processing
  • Reporting
INDIVIDUAL service Additional parameters
  • Collection and scan of paper documents
  • Non-standard data capture
  • Line data capture
  • Crosscheck with client’s custom dictionaries
  • Crosscheck with third party data (ARES)
  • Individual requests for system migration
  • Invoice processing in other languages
  • Invoice requirements check
  • Express processing within 2 – 4 hours
  • Electronic signature and time stamp

* Invoice number, Supplier ID (name, ID, VAT number, VAT for VAT payment, Street, Street number, Zip code, Town), Invoice type and description, Order number, Date (Issue, Due, Date of taxable supply), Payment information (Variable symbol, Account number, Bank code, Currency code, Total amount), Tax recap, Original invoice number (for credit notes).