An efficient collection process and dispute resolution while building customer loyalty

Retaining overdue payments from customers without damaging the business relations and saving them for future sales opportunities can be a balancing act. The best way to successfully ensure the collection of outstanding accounts while maintaining customer satisfaction is to have a clear and standardized collection strategy based on best practices that have proven to work throughout organizations and markets, while at the same time taking into account the differences regarding collections in varies regions and industries. Regardless of the strategy you chose, be it in-house collections, shared services, working with external service providers or factoring, the ultimate objective is always the same: reduce your outstanding balances (DSO), minimize the risk of non-payment, and optimize your working capital.

The Serrala Collections & Disputes solution will support you in successfully executing your collection policies by offering best-practice processes and digitizing all your collections-related business operations with embedded robotic process automation. We are the only vendor who covers the entire accounts receivables process, including collections and dunning, dispute and deductions, legal collections, outsourcing, and factoring, enabling you to apply the collection strategy best fit for your business.