Basic description

  • Digitization and data capture from all types of incoming documents (invoices, contracts, forms) and many others
  • Complete archive digitization, including non-standard document formats
  • 20 years of experience with local and foreign clients


  • Digitization of documents of any size and format
  • Data capture from all types of documents, including foreign and multilingual
  • Archiving of digitized documents

Fields of application





Sales and Marketing


Client's concerns

Large document volume, complex record keeping and document retrieval!

Accounting departments often process large amounts of invoices and other transactional documentation, usually in paper form, for business departments it is a large number of contracts, etc. Due to legal requirements or internal regulations, it is necessary to keep a large amount of paper documentation. That results in a problem with the actual storage, storage system, document records keeping and last, but not least, problems with document retrieval.

Lost or damaged document!

Transactional documents, business documents, as well as archived documents often have only one original, therefore it is necessary to handle them with care. Frequent access to, and / or careless handling may result in their irreversible damage or loss.

Errors in corporate systems!

Manual data entry from incoming documents into corporate systems, be it ERP, CRM, or any other system, carries a great risk of error due to a typing error or carelessness.

How to identify these concerns?

  1. What is the document structure (quality, formats and document paper weight)?
  2. Are document pages loose or bound?
  3. Can documents be unbound?
  4. How large is the number of documents (number of binders, documents and pages…)?
  5. What are the scanning quality requirements (resolution, colors…)?
  6. What are the document indexing requirements (supplementary information, metadata)?
  7. What output format is required for images and metadata?
  8. What is the preferred processing location (client, processor…)?


What security measures are in place during document processing?

Approved and implemented processes and regulations ensure both physical and IT security. The processor holds the ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 20000 certificates, and the security management complies with these standards. Great emphasis is given to the protection of personal data and the implementation of processes related to GDPR.

What if we are unable to make a relevant assessment of the documentation volume and structure?

A complete analysis of the entire digitization process by an expert scanservice consultant is carried out prior to the service launch.

What if I need the actual document that is being digitized at the processor?

If needed, the document can be located based on the client’s specifications, assigned a priority scan and as an encrypted document can be forwarded to predefined addresses or uploaded to a secure storage. Also, if the actual document is needed, the document is located and forwarded to the client via bonded courier service. The service also includes the option of a priority document search and delivery to the client.