Kodak Asset Management Software

A system designed to provide an overview of the Alaris Scanning System. System administrators can manage their hardware using a browser window, without the need for a physical check. The system monitors connected network scanners, collects their status information and saves the information to the Microsoft SQL database. As a result, no scanner status information is lost.

  • Bulk update at a scheduled time. The administrator prepares the software update and schedules the actual update time. The system will then execute the update automatically.
  • A simple scanner layout. The administrator has a breakdown of what PC is the scanner connected to.
  • Monitor the status of consumables. The system monitors the scanners’ scheduled service calls and notifies you by email.
  • Access to the scanner logs. Information about the complete scanner history.
Supported scanners
  • Alaris s2050/s2070 Scanners
  • Alaris S2060w/S2080W (when USB connected)
  • KODAK i30 Scanner
  • KODAK i40 Scanner
  • KODAK i600 Series Scanners
  • KODAK i700 Series Scanners
  • KODAK SCANMATE i900 Series Scanners
  • KODAK SCANMATE i1100 Series Scanners
  • KODAK i1200 Plus Series Scanners
  • KODAK i1300 Plus Series Scanners
  • KODAK i1400 Series Scanners
  • KODAK i1800 Series Scanners
  • KODAK i2000 Series Scanners
  • KODAK i2900 Scanner
  • KODAK i3000 Series Scanners
  • KODAK i4000 Series Scanners
  • KODAK i5000 Series Scanners