Be among the first to offer your customers the Alevate RTP application, a hot new payment method we are currently launching.

Alevate RTP (Request To Pay) is a cloud solution that replaces paper bills with electronic payment requests. This gives your customers the opportunity to pay bills for goods or services via text messages, e-mails or payment portals.

The cloud solution easily connects to any source system and generates unique payment requests. It sends requests through any channel and provides customers with online payment methods of their choice.

Alevate RTP will bring you:
  • lower DSO (average collection time)
  • easier payment approval
  • perfect payment matching
  • real-time payment visibility
  • effective automation
  • great customer response across channels
Alevate RTP focuses on:
  • B2C segment – household bills
    > services (gas, water, heat, electricity)
    living (rent, mortgage)
  • B2SB segment – billing manufacturing, wholesale a service organizations
  • E-commerce (all payments outside e-shop)

More than 200 customers in Europe already use Alevate RTP for Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP), Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP), Order-to-Cash and Accounts Receivable. The Alevate RTP application can also be used for onboarding, customer service, Last-Minute orders, COD and more.

Sample Alevate RTP payment:

Learn more about the easy and fast deployment of the digital user interface, its many features and payment connections.

This solution can also be delivered as “White Label” – a payment request tailored to your company specs.


For more information, contact our sales department:
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