logo AbbyyABBYY is a leading provider of document conversion, data capture and linguistic software. Key areas of research and development include the ABBYY recognition technologies and applied linguistics.

ABBYY recognition products and technologies help users effectively manage the growing amount of information. ABBYY powerful tools support automatic data capture, their processing and subsequent storage of valuable information. Recognition and data capture not only save time and effort typically spent on data access, but also represent new opportunities for obtaining information in new and more efficient ways.

Data capture from many sources

Regardless of format, volume or channel, all incoming documents are processed directly on site. It is no longer necessary to deliver documents in person orvia courier service.

Verification and data check

Upon receipt, all important data is automatically verified for accuracy and compliance. Additional automatic checks help prevent the occurrence of invalid data.

Sorting documents at multiple levels

Received documents are automatically sorted based on their layout and content. It is no longer necessary to sort and label documents manually.

Visibility of data and processes

Tools for monitoring and reporting key parameters (resources, performance, and accuracy) allow for transparency and predictability of the process.